Structural and Investment Funds

The European Union is responsible for funnelling a tremendous amount of project funding into its Member States. In fact, more than half of the EU budget is channelled through the so-called European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF), the EU’s main investment instrument in its Member States, in areas such as innovation, digitalization, energy, transport, healthcare, education, employment, rural development and fisheries.

Any business strategy focused on ESIF has to take into account both the EU level and the country engagement. Our headquarters in Brussels, together with our country offices and our network of locally based ESIF experts, make us unique in the EU consultancies market.

Understanding how the funds work, the main conditions and access strategy, is instrumental for being successful with ESIF business.

Our services:

ESIF business development strategies: market assessments and entry strategies.

Pipeline of addressable opportunities.

Empowering teams and building capacity at various levels: ESIF training; integration of EU funding in the organizations’ blueprint; setting up of strategic partnerships and consortia; best practices sharing.

Thought leadership: extensive network of EU and government decision makers; participation in EU conferences; support in drafting position papers and to answer EU and country consultations.


EU External and development aid: a world of opportunities

The European Union is the largest donor in the world, providing over 50 BEUR a year to translate policy objectives into effective strategies and actions that meet country or sectoral needs.

The EU’s external aid system is increasingly witnessing a shift towards blended finance, combining EU grants with public and private sector resources. In this sense, the EU has introduced the European External Investment Plan which is expected to leverage up to 44 billion EUR until 2020 in private sector investments across Africa and the EU Neighbourhood.

The EU intervention is coordinated with the actions carried out by the main global donors, as well as with other European bilateral funding institutions - such as the Norway/EEA grants or the national agencies for development.

How Schuman can work for you:

Unlocking relevant funding opportunities, coming from the EU or from other global donors such as the European Investment Bank (EIB), the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development  (EBRD), the UN or the World Bank (WB), among others.

Providing early intelligence for a proactive business development strategy.

Building alliances with key partners and aligning and responding to EU strategic priorities.

Generating pipelines and providing hands-on support during the bid phase.

 FWC SIEA 2018:

As the largest world donor, the EU needs technical expertise to implement development projects on the most diverse topics. One of the main instruments to acquire this kind of service is the Framework Contract launched by the European Commission every 4 years.

The aim of Framework Contract ‘Services for the implementation of external aid 2018’ is to support and advise the European Commission, EU Delegations and/or Partner Countries/Organisations by providing technical inputs and by assisting in carrying out analysis, studies and providing opinions and advice.

Through Framework Contracts, different consortia are selected as ‘preferred suppliers” to provide Technical Assistance services in different areas, each one constituting a Lot of the FWC.

Within the FWC SIEA 2018, Schuman Associates is part of the following Lots:

Lot 2: Infrastructure, sustainable growth and jobs

Lot 4: Human development and safety net

If you want to work with us as an expert, please see our ‘Framework contract experts’ section 



EU institutions - public procurement:

Brussels is the origin of several pan European initiatives developing ICT networks, security systems and transport corridors.

Being involved from the inception phase is vital to get access to the funding, very often disbursed through complex mechanisms involving EU Agencies, Member States and EC headquarters.

How we can support you:

Schuman Associates contributes to grow clients' business by anticipating EU needs.

We will help you position in the emerging pan-European projects, engaging directly with the EC and the European Agencies as customers.

We deliver in-depth market and stakeholder analyses to help your business gain insights from hard-to-reach audiences and intelligence for upcoming EU tenders.

Our international network enables us to conduct research in all relevant countries where the EU institutions have a presence.

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