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Win European

End-to-end expertise and tailored support

We provide end-to-end bid management services, taking you from identifying the best opportunities for your profile, developing your project concept and a winning business strategy, to bid writing, consortia building and final submission.

Our experts will work with your team, in your language, to build a focused, tailor-made roadmap to lead you to the best outcomes for your project.

  • End-to-end expertise and tailored support
Our services at a glance
  • Get ahead with our EU programmes and funds analysis service, offering early insights and strategic guidance for businesses looking to seize opportunities within the EU market. We provide timely information to help you make informed decisions and allocate resources effectively.

  • Our opportunities mapping service helps businesses assess market potential and regulatory changes, guiding them to promising growth avenues. We offer clear insights to support smart decision-making and strategic expansion.

  • Stay informed and competitive in your sector with our sector-specific calendar of calls and tenders. We provide a simple, organised overview of upcoming opportunities and deadlines, empowering you to plan and participate effectively.

  • Access our comprehensive Playbook of EU entities, providing valuable insights into key players and stakeholders within the EU ecosystem. Navigate the landscape with ease and optimise your networking and collaboration strategies for enhanced business opportunities.

  • Our Stakeholder and Competitor Mapping service provides comprehensive insights into key players in your industry landscape, helping you understand market dynamics and identify strategic partnerships for growth.

  • Conduct a thorough Market Assessment with our tailored approach, enabling you to make informed decisions and capitalise on opportunities aligned with your business objectives and target audience.

  • Empower your teams with our Capacity-Building Programme, tailored to develop essential skills and knowledge, fostering efficiency and effectiveness in tackling business challenges and seizing opportunities.

  • Streamline your Partner Identification and Consortium Building efforts with our expertise, ensuring the assembly of strong collaborations to enhance project success and access new markets efficiently.

  • Simplify your bid management process with our streamlined services, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in pursuing procurement opportunities. From initial planning to submission, we support you at every stage to enhance your bid strategy and execution.

  • Elevate your bids with expert bid writing services, crafted to articulate your strengths and value proposition effectively. We specialise in communicating your capabilities and solutions concisely and persuasively to resonate with evaluators and decision-makers.

  • Enhance your competitiveness with our ex-ante bid quality assessment, providing thorough evaluation and actionable feedback to strengthen your bid. We analyse your submission from multiple perspectives, identifying areas for improvement and optimisation to increase your chances of winning contracts.