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EIB 2018 - key investments at a glance

EIB 2018 Activity Report

In 2018, the European Investment Bank (EIB) supported over EUR 230 billion worth of investments. Among others, these enabled the creation of 29 million ultra-fast digital connections, generated 290 million passengers in EIB-funded transport, and supported 370,000 SMEs.

The largest total investments in 2018 were made in Spain (EUR 8.48 Billion), Italy (EUR 8,48 billion) and France (EUR 7.17 billion), while the highest contributions to the GDP were made in Portugal (0,98%), Croatia (0.98%) and Poland (0,97%).

Looking at the financing of the EIB Priority Areas, SMEs and Mid-Caps received EUR 23.27 billion; EUR 13.52 billion were invested in innovation; EUR 12.25 billion in infrastructure projects; and EUR 15.15 billion on measures protecting the environment. This last included EUR 6 billion in investments in lower carbon transport; EUR 2.7 billion in projects that contribute to an increased energy efficiency; and EUR 4.1 billion in the area of renewable energy. Overall, 29% of EIB investments aimed at addressing climate change, making the EIB the largest multilateral provider of green finance worldwide. This amount is set to increase to 35% by 2020, generating a total of EUR 88.5 billion worth of climate-related investments from 2016 to 2020.

The EIB's funding instruments in support of innovation represent an important opportunity for projects seeking to bring new ideas to the market.

Read the full report here.

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