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We work with a unique mix of clients from Fortune 500 companies and trade associations, to NGOs and governments. We take pride in our clients and the work that they do in the world.


We have been working for years with Schuman Associates and have always enjoyed their professional support on planned and unplanned missions to detect business opportunities. Thanks to their daily work, we keep continuous control on long-term initiatives, even at the very early stage. Schuman always finds who to contact in the sometimes complex EU organisations. This partnership is very valuable.

Joël Toussaint
Director Public Sector


Schuman’s agency expertise has been instrumental to prioritising and supporting MasterCard’s role and activities in the EU funding ecosystem. The know-how, flexibility and professionalism of the team contribute to creating an effective, qualitative and enjoyable collaboration environment.

Christophe Merer
Vice President Government & Public Sector Europe


The Schuman Associates team boasts a wealth of experience in their field, allowing Nokia to support its customers to craft a comprehensive and qualitative funding application. The Schuman Associates team of experts provided insightful advice and guidance and were able to scale and adapt to the challenge of supporting multiple proposals. In nutshell, our collaboration with Schuman Associate has been very satisfactory. 

Marc Vancoppenolle
Vice President, Government Affairs International


The British Council commissioned Schuman Associates to perform a strategic analysis of the impact of the EU Referendum on the access to funding for the UK’s Education and Culture sectors. The work done by Schuman Associates was of outstanding quality for its clarity in quantitative and qualitative terms, and offered insightful proposals to address this impact. This no doubt stems from their extensive experience of the EU, as well as their astute understanding of the British Council requirements in this study.

Krzys Jurek
Head EU Office 

Bulgarian Alliance of the Technology Industry

The Bulgarian Alliance of the Technology Industry (ATI) worked with Schuman Associates to draft its positions and proposals to the connectivity chapter of the RRF Programme for Bulgaria.

Schuman Associates’ expertise combining State aid rules, EU broadband guidelines and the rules around the new RRF budget was essential in drafting a complex application in the very short timeframe.

The unique perspective of how other countries and stakeholders address these issues was a key strength that Schuman Associates brought to the team.

Dr. Janet Zaharieva 
Chief Regulatory Advisor to the Board of Directors 


In the past years, Medtronic has been collaborating with Schuman Associates in a number of European markets at different levels, with regards to EU funding opportunities in Healthcare. 

During that time, Schuman Associates, with their central and country resources, have helped us to further enhance awareness internally as well as acquire and enrich our knowledge on the mechanisms behind EU funding, have access to early intelligence on national and European programmes and develop stakeholder engagement plans, as well as identify concrete opportunities.

Manolis Karamalis
Director of Reimbursement, Health Economics & Government Affairs


As Signify – the world leader in lighting – we are working with Schuman Associates on the European Green Deal and Recovery Plans.

It is a great pleasure to work with the Schuman team. They are very professional, have good knowledge on the big picture and are hands-on in identifying, tracking and pursuing opportunities, ranging from stakeholder mapping to granular funding flows and individual programme initiatives. This enables our country teams to follow-up on business opportunities from these programmes, while contributing to green and digital recovery and growth of Europe.

When working with the Schuman team (both the central team in Brussels and the country representatives), it really feels like we are all part of one company!  

Harry Verhaar 
VP Global Public & Government Affairs 


Schuman Associates has supported the Irish Aviation Authority ANSP’s Customer Care programme for over 10 years by facilitating an independent online customer survey, collating feedback and preparing reports which help us understand how the Air Traffic Control services we provide can better support our airline customers in their operations. We find Schuman’s people to be professional, understanding of our business and responsive to our needs.   

Dave Usher
Head of Customer Relations & Commercial Development


At The Adecco Group, we have a longstanding partnership with Schuman Associates. They are providing invaluable support to us, helping us access EU funds in a variety of ways. In addition to that, Schuman also helps us with public affairs. What we appreciate about Schuman is that they show a lot of flexibility towards us as clients. Whenever we may face a limitation, they will do their best to accommodate and ensure that we still have maximum impact on the ground in Brussels. The Schuman consultants are experts in their fields.  

Menno Bart
Senior Public Affairs Manager


In recent years, Schuman Associates' consultants have proactively presented us with grant funding opportunities suited to our activities and development needs.

During 2021, we submitted a project for funding under the Innovation Norway/Norwegian Grants scheme to finance an investment in a photovoltaic panel system. The collaboration with Schuman was very efficient, managing to prepare and submit the necessary documentation in a short period of time. The whole process was coordinated by Schuman with professionalism and commitment, and with minimal effort from our side. I highly recommend Schuman's services! 

Mihai Vlad
Financial Manager 


Schuman Associates has been a long-standing partner to help Philips understand the various EU funds, make realistic assumptions on where we can play, and win. Schuman is currently doing a great job helping us to develop our strategy on how to address the Recovery and Resilience Funds, HERA, EU4Health and others in the coming years.

The great thing is that the closer you work with Schuman Associates, the more they become an integral part of your team, and the advice just gets better and better.     

Jan-Willem Scheijgrond 
Vice President Government and Public Affairs 


The Foundation for Heritage Sciences (FSP, France) initially contacted Schuman Associates to provide support on the preparation of a Horizon Europe project for the coordination of cultural heritage research in Europe, which they did wonderfully, helping us to formulate and clarify our ideas, organise them in a coherent way, and make them as convincing as possible in order to draft a successful and impactful proposal.

Their contribution has been much more than simple support and supervision, as they brought a lot of meaningful inputs, contributing with the drafting and the management of the partners consortium, demonstrating great flexibility and agility, and anticipating our needs throughout the whole proposal preparation process. They were always available, and our collaboration with them has greatly contributed to the success of this proposal.  

Pascal Lievaux
Chair of the Joint Programming on Cultural Heritage and Global Change


DIGITALEUROPE has been working with Schuman to draft a proposal for a winning Erasmus+ KA2 Sector Skills Alliance application for the European Software Skills Alliance (ESSA) partnership, a 3.8m project over 4 years. Having helped drive and win the bid, Schuman Associates is now actively involved in a quality assurance role supporting us in setting up and delivering a successful software skills strategy, curriculum, VET training programme with a European wide dissemination and rollout.

Schuman Associates has also supported DIGITALEUROPE with strategic communication and stakeholder engagement in our work on the Digital Skills and Jobs Platform with much skill and efficiency, in addition to being a pleasant partner to work with.

The staff from Schumann Associates are professional and friendly and we are overall very satisfied with our partnership.  

We can warmly recommend them for activities related to EU funding and strategic communication. 

Helena Lovegrove


Hydrogen Europe and Hydrogen Europe Research greatly appreciated the cooperation with Schuman Associates concerning the preparation of a strategic project on skills in the hydrogen sector. Their sound knowledge and proven experience in skills, together with their organisation and coordination abilities, capacity to work with tight deadlines and full availability, have been decisive to support HE, HER and our partners in delivering a high quality and forward-looking  project.

Maria Assumpcio Rojo
Hydrogen Europe (HE) 

Julia Cora
Hydrogen Europe Research (HER) 


The Schuman Associates’ team in Brussels and in-country provided a very thorough and timely analysis and assessment to help navigate the new EU and Recovery Funding opportunities in the healthcare sector. Their strategic guidance definitely helped us to elevate our understanding and supported our strategy development for the coming years. The team is collaborative and flexible – a must in these challenging and uncertain times.

Christelle Saint Sardos


We have always enjoyed the professional support of Schuman Associates to detect subsidies and grant opportunities in EU countries.

Thanks to their work, we have kept an eye on national initiatives in key markets for European Energy to enable our mission to spur the energy transition.

Francesco Pitton
Deputy Transaction Manager 
M&A and Project Financing 


KREISEL Electric experienced an outstanding cooperation with Schuman Associates on an EU Horizon 2020 proposal draft. 

To work with the experts of Schuman has always been straightforward, purposeful and, foremost, well structured. 

Thanks to this excellent collaboration, a sublime work has been submitted within the period stipulated.

Daniel Foissner 
IP Management & Monitoring 


Europeana Foundation has worked together with Schuman Associates to develop a high-quality and competitive tender for the deployment of the European common data space for cultural heritage. This space is part of the ecosystem of data spaces in strategic economic sectors and domains of public interest, introduced by the European Commission to support Europe’s digital transformation.  

Schuman’s team was very attuned and responsive to our needs and guided the tender planning and delivery in a professional and friendly manner. Their extensive knowledge of the European funding landscape and experience in bid management were very valuable in shaping a winning tender. 

Albert Verhaar
Business Operations Director

ARTEVELDE University-Belgium

It was a delight to work with Schuman Associates on our European Universities proposal. Schuman's team efficiently coordinated our meetings and tasks, helped us make appropriate decisions as a consortium, and was of great help in writing a qualitative proposal. Since an application of this kind was new to us, Schuman's expertise and experience was invaluable in remedying any doubts we had. Finally, Schuman managed to keep our spirits up throughout this hard work: this was not only an efficient but also a very pleasant and warm collaboration. 

Tielke Uvin
European Research Coordinator

NOVA University-Portugal

We have worked with Schuman Associates for an Excellence Hubs grant on a very tight deadline and we were very impressed with their responsiveness and professional support. They wanted the application to be successful as much as we did.

Antonio Jacinto


We really appreciate Schuman Associates’ professionalism and the way that they supported the team to finalise the submission.

We believe that the structured approach of the planning, the support in wording our ideas and concepts, and the ultimate checklist were really essential to guiding us through this proposal.

We hold Schuman Associates in high regards for the future. 

Gregory Gillet
Health Safety Wellbeing CoE, BT Corporate 


As Deutsche Telekom we have worked with Schuman Associates for over 10 years. European Funds in the telecom infrastructure area are significant and have a direct impact on our markets. Thanks to Schuman Associates, we have been able to position for these EU funds and incorporate them into our corporate CAPEX planning. The unique understanding of how policy and funds come together is the key value proposition of Schuman Associates.”

Peter Veil
Vice President Strategic Finance, Portfolio Development and Wholesale


Schuman Associates advised us on our project submitted in the CEF2 Digital call for proposals for 'Backbone connectivity for Digital Global Gateways'. The team of consultants is characterised by unprecedented commitment, high level of competence and substantive preparation, and they guarantee high standards of service, which resulted in the preparation of application documentation at a high level. We value Schuman Associates for their professionalism and high competence.

Rafał Antczak
Project Manager, Polkomtel - Plus, Poland