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  • Our Expertise

Our expertise is in impacting policy, unlocking funds and winning business for our clients.

By understanding our client’s needs, we propose solutions to effectively engage with the dynamic EU and multilateral donor funding business environment. We understand what is possible in the EU arena, and with our hands-on approach, we deliver measurable results for our clients. We are dedicated to delivering beyond expectations and to giving a return on investment.

Larga building

“We have a deep appreciation of the entities we are working with. Our success is based on understanding our clients: their business and their needs. We bring to that our knowledge of what is possible and what can be imagined, and we lay out the most reliable and strategic roadmap to reach the best possible outcome for our clients, responsive to the context of changing times and frameworks.

It is not enough to be an expert in EU policy; you have to also be an expert in your client.”

Gerard Mc Namara
Founder & CEO

Gerard Mc Namara

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