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Funding opportunity: new Erasmus+ calls of 200 million in response to covid-19


The covid-19 pandemic has caused significant disruptions in almost every area and education and training is not an exception. An effective response requires support for the digital transition as well as for innovative, creative and inclusive solutions. That is why the EU is providing an additional 200 MEUR through its Erasmus+ programme to support digital education, skills and inclusion through creativity and culture.

The fresh Erasmus+ funding offers opportunities for organisations to boost digital education, training and youth work, develop skills and promote social inclusion through the arts, cultural and creative sectors.

Additional funding – what and when?

The additional 200 MEUR for Erasmus+ will be channelled to projects that contribute to two new priorities of the Programme: 1) Innovative practices in the digital era, and, 2) Skills development and inclusion through creativity and arts.

The two respective calls for organisations interested to apply will be published in September. The budget for each call is set at 100 MEUR.

The extraordinary 2020 calls in detail

The first call "Innovative practices in the digital era" will support projects that enhance the ability of organisations to provide digital learning through taking up of digital technologies, including innovative methods and tools for teaching, training, learning and assessment.

The second call "Skills development and inclusion through creativity and arts" will support projects which promote skills development, capacity building and resilience through arts and creativity. This includes activities with a cultural and creative component which help individuals gain skills and competences, actions that promote job creation, sustainable development and social inclusion through arts as well as actions that foster links between education, training and youth with the cultural and creative sectors.

Who is eligible?

Any public or private organisation from an Erasmus+ programme country (EU member states + Iceland, Lichtenstein, North Macedonia, Norway, Serbia and Turkey).

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