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Launching the new Digital Europe Programme


The newly launched Digital Europe programme is the first EU funding programme focused on bringing digital technology to businesses and citizens.

Details published last week reveal plans to invest its first-two-year budget of €1.796,2 million heavily in European Digital Innovation Hubs, cybersecurity, advanced digital skills, quantum communication infrastructure, data spaces, cloud to edge infrastructure and Artificial Intelligence, among others, through calls for proposals (78%) and procurement (22%).

Where are the opportunities?

Calls for proposals (in € millions) 

The calls will be divided between:

  • Grants
    • 50% funding rate
  • SME support actions
    • 75% funding rate for SMEs
    • 50% funding rate for other beneficiaries
  • Coordination and support actions
    • 100% funding rate
    • for supporting smaller types of action that include coordination between different actors for measures such as standardisation, dissemination, awareness raising, networking, studies and strategic planning
Consortia combining different stakeholders will be able to participate and most actions will require co-investment from both public and private sectors.

Procurement (in € millions) 

Procurement will be carried out by the European Commission in compliance with the applicable EU public procurement rules, implemented either through direct calls for tenders or existing framework contracts.

European Digital Innovation Hubs and the Digital Transformation Accelerator

Worth a closer look is the significant €321,2 million allocated for setting up a network of European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIHs) and the €4 million Digital Transformation Accelerator that will support them.

EDIHs will be selected via the call for proposals launched on 17 November. Entities that have already been designated by their Member States will be able to participate. The selected EDIHs will receive a 50% grant under the Digital Europe programme.

The Digital Transformation Accelerator, set up via procurement, will support the effectiveness and efficiency of the network of EDIHs by providing it with different services, such as community building and training, connection to relevant initiatives, road mapping, online presence and external communication, among others.

Funding synergies

These first two years will also see significant synergies with other EU funding programmes:
  • Connecting Europe Facility - Digital strand and the Recovery and Resilience Facility for data infrastructure and ecosystem
  • EU4Heath, supporting the creation of digital infrastructure components for health data space and contributing to Europe's Beating Cancer plan
  • Horizon Europe, building on digital innovations that are 'market mature' and/or demonstrate disruptive potential

What next?

To find the best opportunities for your business and maximise your chances of receiving a grant under the Digital Europe programme, get in touch with our expert team. 

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