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Schuman Associates Warsaw Office…Did you know?


Schuman Associates Warsaw Office...Did you know?

Did you know that Poland is the only country in the EU to have avoided a recession during the global downturn of 2009?

Did you know that Poland is the biggest beneficiary of EU funding and will receive 85.9 billion EUR from 2014-2020 European Structural & Investment Funds (ESIF)?

Did you know that Frontex - a Warsaw based EU agency which aims to detect and stop illegal immigration, human trafficking and terrorist infiltration was given a 54 percent budget rise as a part of a new European Commission package of initiatives?

Did you know that by combining your network and experience in Brussels together with the direct access to relevant stakeholders and an understanding of the local context, you can increase your chances in winning EU-funded business?

Did you know that Schuman Associates is already supporting multinational corporations based in Warsaw to grow their business through EU funding applications and public affairs campaigns?

Did you know that in order to answer to the great market demand and current clients’ needs, Schuman Associates will open an office in Warsaw in September?

If you want to understand how Schuman Associates could support your organization in developing an EU funding strategy or public affairs campaigns in Poland, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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