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A year ago, Schuman Associates was selected to support the bid writing of a FET Flagship project on EU Cultural Heritage. This is one of those projects that only comes once in a decade. If you work with the H2020 programme, you will know that these are very big projects with expected large scale social and economic impacts and, of course, high competition. The key challenge is to build a solid business case around a visionary idea, leading to a coherent and ambitious research and innovation agenda for the EU and its Member states for the next 10 years.

The proposal was delivered on time last month. Schuman Associates had the chance to work with a consortium of leading scientists, innovators and institutional bodies, on a proposal document that had to respond to very demanding evaluation criterias. This was a unique assignment, both in terms of its far reaching objectives, as well as its significance for one of Europe's strategic resources, its Cultural Heritage. This experience is certainly a strong plus to our proposal and project management practice.
Now we hope that this project, the largest and most ambitious project ever created at the intersection of Social Sciences and Humanities and Information Sciences, will be selected to become one of the potential future FET Flagships – or missions – by the European Commission.
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