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Erasmus+ calls open: €4.39 billion for education, training, youth and sport


The 2024 Erasmus+ calls are open for submission, offering a total of €4.39 billion for projects in education, training, youth and sport. 

The funding aims to support a diverse range of organisations, from education and training to non-governmental organisations, associations, research centres, SMEs, large enterprises and others, to develop or scale up projects, build organisational competencies and expand international reach.

Three priorities for 2024

In 2024, Erasmus+ funding will focus on projects:
  • fostering skills and competencies crucial for the green and digital transitions, with a special emphasis on deep tech domains and forward-looking fields
  • supporting education and training systems to mitigate the consequences of Russia's invasion of Ukraine and help refugees from Ukraine 
  • designing future policies and policy-making processes.

5 key actions to be funded

In 2024, Erasmus+ will support 5 key actions:

  • €365 million for Cooperation Partnerships: projects that are quite flexible in scope and size, aiming to increase the capacities of participating organisations and address specific priorities. Key priorities for adult education include: up-skilling and re-skilling of adults and improving accessibility and inclusion.
  • €397,7 million for Partnerships for Excellence: projects with a long-term sustainable perspective, including the flagship projects European Universities, Centres of Vocational Excellence, Teacher Academies and Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters.
  • €123 million for Capacity Building in higher education and VET: projects to improve and build capacities of education systems in non-EU countries through enhanced cooperation with organisations in the EU and Erasmus+ countries.
  • €62 million for Partnerships for Innovation: projects to provide new skills and tackle skills mismatches by bringing together diverse actors, particularly between education and enterprises.
  • €47 million for European Policy Experimentations: projects contributing to future policies, where public and private organisations develop, implement and test activities to address specific priorities and topics in digital education, women in GreenTech, re-skilling of workers and micro-credentials, among others.

How we can help

With a close to 100% success rate in Erasmus+ submissions, we can help you:

  • evaluate and identify the Erasmus+ call most suited to your objectives
  • connect your project with key stakeholders
  • develop a compelling proposal
  • support you throughout all steps of the submission process.

To find the best opportunities for you and maximise your chances of receiving an Erasmus+ grant, get in touch today.

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