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Investing in people through education and skills is fundamental to building a more socially inclusive, sustainable future.

Education and skills are central to the EU's vision of a knowledge-based, innovative and inclusive society. They are key to driving economic growth, job creation and competitiveness, while promoting social inclusion, diversity and gender equality.

The EU's 2021-27 Multi-Annual Financial Framework (MFF) allocates significant funding for education and skills initiatives and projects, as part of its commitment to building a resilient, sustainable and inclusive future. 2023-34 are the European Years of Skills, highlighting the importance of investing in skills development and lifelong learning for all.

  • Investing in people
We work with clients on opportunities in:
  • Upskilling
  • Reskilling
  • Mismatch between job market and skills
  • Digital education
  • Apprenticeships
  • ‘Training the trainers’
  • Twin digital and green transition jobs

There are openings for all client types, from private companies to public organisations and non-profit entities, and across all sectors, including research and innovation, digital transformation, social inclusion, green transition and many more.

We help you access the opportunities that best fit your needs.

With a combined focus on funding and policy, we capture the complete life cycle of an opportunity for our clients.

Working with you, we will leverage our deep knowledge of the EU's priorities, funding instruments and evaluation criteria, as well as the latest trends and best practices in the field, to help you identify and access short to long-term funding opportunities, anticipate legislative trends and stay ahead of the competition.

We provide critical early intelligence on upcoming policy and funding initiatives. We specialise in identifying synergistic opportunities and developing bespoke, highly effective strategic engagement roadmaps for our clients.

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We have extensive experience working directly on EU-funded projects, as well as with the EU's interrelated strategies and funding programmes. From the Digital Strategy, the Strategy for Industry and SMEs, and the Recovery Plan for Europe, to the EU Structural and Investment Funds, the European Social Fund Plus, and more, we are uniquely positioned to support your goals.

From early positioning to consortia building, through to bid management and project implementation, we accompany our clients at all stages of the journey. Our approach is tailored to your needs and objectives, and we provide end-to-end support, from project ideation to evaluation.