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EU programmes have extended their Calls deadlines

As recent restrictions related to COVID-19 outbreak may hamper applicants to prepare and finalise proposals, according to the EU Funding and Tenders portal, several EU programmes have extended their Calls deadlines, for example :

Horizon 2020:
  1. H2020 calls with original deadlines between 16 March and 15 April have been extended 
  2. For IMI2-2020-21-01, EIC-SMEInst-2018-2020, LC-SC3-JA-5-2020 and LC-SC3-RES-10-2020 no extension of deadline/cutoff date will apply.
  3. For DT-ICT-04-2020 (Photonics Innovation Hubs), DT-ICT-09-2020 (Boost rural economies through cross-sector digital service platforms) and DT-ICT-12-2020 (AI for the smart hospital of the future) deadlines are extended to 22 April.
  4. Other 24 calls related to Governance, Migration and Transformations with original deadline on 12 March have now a new deadline: 19 March.
  5. The cut-off date for the EIC accelerator call has been extended by 48h until Friday 20 March at 17:00 Brussels time. 

  1. Strategic Partnerships (Key Action 2). New deadline: 23 April 
  2. Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2021-2027. New deadline: 26 May 
  3. Mobility of individuals in the field of youth – 2nd round (Key Action 1): New deadline 7 May 
  4. Strategic Partnerships in Education and Training (Key Action 2): New deadline 23 April 
  5. Strategic Partnerships in the field of Youth (Key Action 2): New deadline 7 May
  6. Youth Dialogue projects – 2nd round (Key Action 3): New deadline 7 May 
  7. Sport Actions (Collaborative partnerships, Small collaborative partnerships, Not-for-profit European sport events): New deadline 21 April 

  1. Call open for traditional projects: 2 April 2020 
  2. Two-stage application process: Mid-June 2020 (Submission of concept notes) / February 2021 (Submission of full proposals)
  3. Single-stage application process: September 2020: Submission of full proposals
  4. 3rd deadline for submitting proposals for LIFE preparatory actions extended to 20th April 2020.

Digital Europe:
This programme does not have Calls foreseen under current configuration so far.

In all cases, potential applicants are advised to prepare themselves as necessary, especially by establishing effective communication links for remote collaborative work, also anticipating possible further restrictions in the coming weeks.

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