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European Research and Innovation Days 2020


European policymakers are progressing with the finalisation of a budget agreement that will shape Horizon Europe, the next big research and innovation programme starting in 2021. Investments in new technologies and excellence science will be crucial in the post-pandemic transition.

European Research and Innovation Days, taking place on 22-24 September 2020, is the Commission's annual flagship event which will aim to connect together public institutions, companies and citizens. This fully virtual event will provide guidance on how research and innovation can be beneficial for Europe's recovery and future. This year, particular consideration will be given to digital, health, innovative green technologies and sustainability.

Registrations for this year are unlimited and will open in early September.

The Policy Conference

  • An introduction to EU Missions final reports,
  • An exchange on the European Green Deal & Just Transition
  • A presentation of the Horizon Europe Strategic Planning.
  • In addition, prize-winners will be announced during these enlarged debates.

The 10 hubs will bring together stakeholders around key-topics:​

​1) Policy
​2) Green Deal
​3) Digital
​4) Horizon Europe
​5) Missions
​6) Implementation of synergies
​7) International Cooperation
​8) European Innovation Council
​9) European Institute of Innovation & Technology
​10) European Research Council

The 'Science is Wonderful!' Exhibition

This online exhibition offers direct access to some of the innovative research projects being presented during the conference. With a virtual tour, it will be possible to interact with the researchers' stands and their activities asking questions and performing their own experiments addressing solutions in our daily life, from waste treatment to cultural heritage promotion and many more.Enter your text here ...

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