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Fi-Compass Seminar on Financial Instruments delivering ESI Funds


On 3rd December, Schuman Associates attended the Fi-Compass: Seminar on Financial Instruments delivering ESI Funds in Athens, Greece. The seminar, organised by DG Regio and the EIB aimed to give participants an understanding of how financial instruments can help in the efforts to deliver ESIF 2014 - 2020 objectives.


The event featured case studies on financial instruments developed by regions and Member States, the opportunities offered by the 2014 - 20 regulatory framework, the advisory products issued by fi-compass to support the design and set-up of financial instruments and the latest European Commission guidance on regulatory aspects.

Greek representatives of the managing authorities, the JEREMIE and JESSICA funds shared their experiences on the financial instruments that have been created in Greece  to finance various sectors including ICT, energy and urban transport and which types of blending are used to finance projects.

The European Commission gave updates on their off the shelf instruments like loans, guarantees and equity fund and they gave technical advice on how projects can use ESI funds and blend them with EFSI (Juncker Investment Plan).

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