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H2020 Dashboard: Greece


 With almost 80 billion euro for the period 2014-2020, Horizon 2020 is the EU's biggest programme to fund Research and Innovation. The programme ensures that great ideas are brought to market and applied in a wide range of areas. In this edition of Schuman's H2020 Dashboard we see how Greece has benefited from Horizon 2020. As a country severely affected by the economic crisis, this program represents a unique opportunity for Greek entities to boost their investments in research and development, two key-drivers of economic growth.

The latest European Innovation Scoreboard ranks Greece as moderate innovator. Over time, its performance has remained the same compared to the EU average. Data from the Scoreboard measuring performance of a country's innovation system show that in 2010 Greece's score was 69.9 and 68.8 in 2017, relative to the EU average and Greece was 22nd among the 28 EU member states. This trend indicates that there is room for improvement. Greek eligible proposals in H2020 were 12.191 out of which 1.582 were successful. Greece has 2.069 participations in the programme, a percentage of 2,8% compared to other countries such as Germany (12,1%), United Kingdom (11,7%) and Spain (10,3%), while in 369 of them Greek entities are coordinators. In total, EU funding under Horizon 2020 for Greek projects is €783,6 million.

The top Greek beneficiary from H2020 is the "Centre for Research and Technology Hellas – CERTH" with 182 participations and €78,8 million funding. Research organisations such as the "Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas" and the "Institute of Communication and Computer Systems" are also among the top beneficiaries with more than 100 participations each, followed closely by universities. Companies such as GRNET SA and Singular Logic have also dynamic presence in H2020 participations.

More than 270 Greek SMEs are active in H2020 projects and the overall support to Greek SMEs amounts almost to €151 million. Top Greek SMEs who have benefited from the programme are mainly specialized in the area of ICT/digital solutions across a wide variety of sectors, including energy, health, agriculture, telecommunications, etc. SMEs such as Hypertech, Athens Technology Centre, Wings ICT Solutions and Sinelixis rank in the first places regarding H2020 participations.

Requested EU Contribution by Type of Organisation (Mil EUR)

Upcoming H2020 opportunities for Greek organisations

In 12 March 2019 applications will open for 13 energy efficiency topics, with total EU funding amounting to €93 million. The themes of the project proposals under these topics include smart innovations for buildings, sustainable energy skills in the construction sector, energy performance, assessment and audits, project development assistance and innovative financing. Applicants need to submit their proposals by 3 September 2019 and the results will be known by February 2020.

Through its office in Athens, Schuman Associates can offer overall support to Greek entities with their bid strategy towards H2020. Schuman Associates can help you to turn your innovation idea into a success and benefit from H2020 through the entire process, from identifying the right opportunity to submitting and implementing your H2020 project.

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