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HORIZON2020: New round call for Societal Challenges launched


The R&D European program Horizon 2020 has launched a new round of calls for proposals for the year 2020. Funding will focus on ""Europe in a changing world – Inclusive, Innovative and reflective societies" which aims to fund research on new strategies and governance structures to overcome economic instability and ensure Europe is resilient to future downturns, demographic change and migration patterns. Societal Challenge also covers projects that supports new forms of innovation such as open innovation, business model innovation, public sector and social innovation to meet social needs. In addition, humanities are taken into account and funds target projects related to European heritage, identity, history, culture and Europe's role in the world. The total budget for 2020 is 178 Million euro under 3 different subjects: Migration, Transformation and Governance. 

All projects proposals, depending on the specific topic, must correspond to one the following actions:
Innovation Action, IA: Funding is more focused on closer-to-the-market activities. For example, prototyping, testing, demonstrating, piloting, and scaling-up etc. if they aim at producing new or improved products or services. The funding rate for this action covers 70 % of eligible costs, but may increase to 100 % for non-profit organisations.
Research Innovation Action, RIA: Funding for research projects tackles clearly defined challenges, which can lead to the development of new knowledge or a new technology. The funding rate for this action is 100% of the eligible costs.
Coordination Supporting Action, CSA: Funding covers the coordination and networking of research and innovation projects, programmes and policies. The funding rate for this action is 100% of eligible costs.

Here is a summary of the calls number and type of action divided for each subject:
  • Migration 
5 calls managed by DG RTD: 2 RIA, 2 IA, 1 CSA, total budget: 29 Million euro
Comprehensive approach to migration, responding to urgent need for knowledge on migration dynamics and its consequences.
  • Socioeconomic and Cultural Transformations in the context of the fourth industrial revolution. 11 calls
6 calls managed by DG RTD (Research and Innovation) 2 RIA, 1 IA, 2 CSA, 1 ERA-NET, 5 calls managed by DG CNECT (Communications Networks, Content and Technology) 2 RIA, 3 CSA
total budget: 83 Million
Address the challenges linked to the socioeconomic and cultural changes in the context of globalization and digitalization. Provide new evidence and policy options to mitigate/support the transformations. Reinforce social, cultural and economic benefits of the fourth industrial revolution.
  • Governance for the Future
5 Calls managed by DG RTD 3 RIA, 2 CSA. 3 Calls managed by DG CNECT 1 RIA, 1 IA, 1 CSA, total budget: 66 Million
These projects should aim to develop adapted governance structures at various relevant levels. There is wide variety of issues that can be addressed under this topic such as democracy, social rights in Europe, trust, citizenship differentiation in the EU, open innovation, security and defence policy, delivery of public good

Hurry up! The Societal Challenge calls for proposals 2020 opened on 5th November 2019 and the deadline is 12th March 2020.

If you need strategic advice to prepare your bids get in touch with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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