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Recovery and Resilience Facility: Bulgaria

Recovery and Resilience Facility: Bulgaria

The Recovery and Resilience Plan: a strategic vision for Bulgaria

The first draft of Bulgaria's National Recovery and Resilience Plan was released for public consultation on 30 October 2020. It is intended to be sent to the European Commission by the end of 2020. 

Bulgaria is set to receive € 6.2 billion in grants from the Recovery and Resilience Facility. In addition, it can access loans worth € 4.5 billion, on a voluntary basis. The Bulgarian government has stated that, given the high level of public debt, the country will seek to use the maximum amount of the grant component and minimize the use of loans.

Priority areas for reforms and investment

The Bulgarian National Recovery and Resilience Plan is built around four pillars:

  2. CLIMATE transition and nature protection
  4. Social FAIRNESS

These four pillars are developed in twelve priority areas to promote the sustainable and inclusive growth of the country as well as the digitalisation of key sectors:

INNOVATIVE Bulgaria GREEN Bulgaria CONNECTED Bulgaria FAIR Bulgaria
Education and skills Circular and low-carbon economy Digital connectivity Business environment
Research and innovationBiodiversityTransport connectivitySocial inclusion
Intelligent industrySustainable agricultureLocal developmentHealthcare


The political coordination of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan will be secured by the Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister, responsible for EU funding in Bulgaria. The technical coordination of the Plan will be ensured by the Economic and Financial Policy Directorate within the Ministry of Finance in cooperation with the Central Coordination Unit Directorate within the Council of Ministers' Administration. The physical implementation of the projects will be the responsibility of the relevant line Ministries. 

In a nutshell

To position your project idea or contribute your expertise and solutions to the national Recovery Plans of EU Member States, get in touch with us.

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