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Recovery and Resilience Facility: Poland

Recovery and Resilience Facility: Poland

The Polish Recovery and Resilience Plan

The road to reforming and reconstructing socio-economic resilience

At the end of February 2021, the Polish Prime Minister and the Minister of Funds and Regional Policy announced the draft National Recovery and Resilience Plan. The document is open for public consultation until 2 April 2021. Three thematic conferences addressed the main focus areas of the Plan:

  1. Green energy and sustainable mobility
  2. Increasing access and strengthening the quality of the healthcare system
  3. Resilient and Competitive Economy and Digital Transformation

Poland is set to receive a total of € 58.1 billion from the Recovery and Resilience Facility, of which € 23.9 billion in grants. In addition, it can access loans worth € 34.2 billion on a voluntary basis. The Polish government has stated that it will preliminarily maximise the use of grants, with the intention of utilising loans at a later stage.

Priority areas for reforms and investment

The draft plan is based on five main components for the country's strategy:

  1. RESILIENCE and COMPETITIVENESS of the economy
  2. GREEN ENERGY and reduction of energy consumption
  3. DIGITAL transformation
  4. Effectiveness, accessibility and quality of the HEALTHCARE system
  5. Green, intelligent MOBILITY

In a nutshell

Note: the allocations presented are based on the draft of the National Recovery Plan publicly available and the figures may be subject to change. The deadline for the submission of the final version of the Recovery plans is 30 April 2021.


The preparation of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan is coordinated by the Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy. The content of the main components has been informally discussed with the representatives of several ministries and regions in Poland since August 2020.

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