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Recovery and Resilience Facility: Czech Republic

Recovery and Resilience Facility: Czech Republic

The Czech Recovery and Resilience Plan

The road to strengthening resilience and economic recovery

The draft National Recovery and Resilience Plan was published by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in October 2020. Consultations with the European Commission and discussions with trade unions and associations in the Czech Republic are currently underway. The final version of the plan should be submitted to the government for final approval in early spring 2021.

Based on the draft plan, the Czech Republic is set to receive € 6.75 billion in grants from the Recovery and Resilience Facility. In addition, it can access loans worth € 15.5 billion (2018 prices) on a voluntary basis. 

The current draft National Recovery and Resilience plan of the Czech government corresponds to € 8,7 billion. The difference in the overall allocation leaves space for changes during government negotiations and draft preparation. The Czech government will likely not use the loan mechanism.

Priority areas for reforms and investment

The draft plan sets out six main components for the country's strategy:

  1. DIGITAL transition
  2. Physical infrastructure and GREEN transition
  4. Institution, regulation and BUSINESS SUPPORT in response to COVID-19
  6. HEALTHCARE and population RESILIENCE

These are further developed into a range of priority areas in order to accelerate the recovery and reinforce the commitment to the twin transitions of GREEN and DIGITAL.

In a nutshell

Note: the allocations presented are based on the draft of the National Recovery Plan publicly available and the figures can be a subject to change. The deadline for the submission of the final version of the Recovery plans is 30 April 2021.


The preparation of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan is coordinated by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The proposal of the main components was discussed with the representatives of several ministries and the draft plan summarised above was created in collaboration with the government's National Economic Council (NERV).

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