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SCHUMAN ASSOCIATES and BOND & ASSOCIATES announce a Strategic Partnership to deliver Transatlantic Public Affairs with a special focus on Technology

BondSchuman Associates


Given the growing interdependence and complexity in relations between the EU & US and in order to position our clients to maximum effect, Schuman Associates has formed a strategic alliance with a particular focus on the technology sector. Issues such as security, privacy, cybercrime, procurement, trade etc. require a dialogue with decision makers on both sides of the Atlantic. Both companies are committed to delivering the best outcomes for our clients and are delighted to create this innovative partnership. The strategic alliance will allow both companies to share their knowledge, positioning and experience, while servicing customers in global markets around technology, policy and procurement.

“Schuman has grown and developed over the last 25 years working with the leading global tech firms both by adapting to new policy challenges and also opening new markets for innovative technologies” said Gerard McNamara, the firm’s founder. “It makes perfect sense for us to come together now given the increased transatlantic policy negotiations, trade and investment”.

“Global technology markets are shaped by policies that most often are made either in Washington, DC or Brussels,” firm founder and former US Commerce Under Secretary for Technology Phil Bond said. “To strengthen our offering to cybersecurity and other tech clients, we felt we needed a strong partner in Europe – and that’s just what Schuman brings.”

“Both established and emerging companies in Silicon Valley know that they have to stay on the front edge of policy developments both in the US and EU,” said Bond Senior VP Adam Rak, who leads the firms Silicon Valley efforts. “This will allow us to offer more impact to our US clients, and team with Schuman to help bring those two policy centers closer together.”

Schuman Associates is a recognized leader in the field of public affairs based in Brussels and Bond & Associates is a leading technology policy and business development consultancy based in Washington, DC and Silicon Valley.

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