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Digital4Security is an EU-funded project to develop a European Masters programme in cybersecurity management and data sovereignty, equipping SMEs with the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure their digital security. 

Empowering and protecting Europe’s SMEs

Schuman Associates is proud to be a partner of Digital4Security, an education and skills initiative co-funded by the European Commission's Digital Europe Programme.

Through its Master’s Programme, the Digital4Security project aims to equip European SMEs with the cybersecurity management, regulatory and technical skills to prevent and respond to existing and emerging cybersecurity threats, helping to safeguard European industry from cyber-attacks and support long-term competitiveness and growth.

Launched in October 2024, Digital4Security is a €20 million project led by a consortium of 34 partners from 14 EU countries, uniting Europe’s leading higher education institutes, research and excellence centres, cybersecurity industry clusters, VET training and work-based learning providers, employment experts, certification bodies, industry representative groups, large tech companies, and specialist SMEs and start-ups. 

We are committed to equipping SMEs to be secure in the face of cyber threats.

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A curriculum designed for real-world readiness

Digital4Security’s curriculum is built on a rigorous needs analysis involving all consortium partners, ensuring that the training provided meets the highest standards of both academic rigour and industry relevance. The programme combines theoretical knowledge with practical, job-ready skills that are essential for immediate and effective application in the workforce.

Each module of the programme will offer micro-credentials, providing participants with tangible proof of their competencies, along with industry certifications through partnerships with leading cybersecurity firms. This approach not only enhances the employability of graduates but also ensures that they are prepared to meet the specific needs of the industry head-on.

Our contribution

Our involvement spans the entire project. In parallel to co-leading the project management and proactive quality assurance, we lead the project’s long-term sustainability, with a focus on ensuring the excellence of the master’s programme and establishing it as a best practice for joint master’s programmes. We also co-lead on communications and dissemination, with the objective of expanding the programme across Europe.

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Help shape the programme

Join Digital4Security's Diversity and Inclusion Board to help ensure the programme benefits from a diversity of perspectives, experiences and problem-solving approaches, essential in addressing complex cybersecurity challenges.