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Expert leadership and support

With extensive experience leading as well as partnering on multi-million euro EU projects, we have unparalleled expertise in managing large consortia, liaising with European Commission project and policy officers, and navigating the complexities of EU contracts, grants and reporting requirements.  

We specialise in Support Actions and Capacity Building Programmes, with a particular focus on Digital and Green Skills and Advanced Digital Technologies.

  • EU project management - BCO Network and European Broadband Awards
  • EU project management - 5GSC

Your project

From conception to completion, our Project Implementation team will ensure the seamless execution of your EU project. Our experts work as part of your project management team to provide specialist support in key areas such as project coordination, grant management, formal reporting, quality assurance, risk management, strategic communications, and long-term sustainability.

Once your proposal has been selected for funding, our team will be there to guide you at every step of the journey, from project set up to EU-wide scale up.

Our services at a glance
Project management and quality assurance
  • Supporting the Coordinator in the project set up, management and reporting throughout the entire project lifecycle

  • Specialist support to prepare the Grant Agreement at the start of the project and manage any Grant Amendments during project execution

  • Practical help to collect structured information from partners and develop both Financial and Technical Reports for submission to the European Commission.

  • Efficiently managing project budgets, tracking expenditures, and optimising resource allocation to maximise return on investment

  • Independent Quality Assurance experts to oversee and advise on Project Implementation, develop the Quality Assurance Plan, create Risk Management processes, and ensure proactive Quality Management of task execution and formal deliverables

  • Facilitating regular meetings and communications among consortium members, ensuring alignment of objectives, sharing of progress, and resolution of any issues or conflicts that arise

  • Preparation and animation of Co-creation Workshops with consortium partners and key project stakeholders to develop joint, cross work package approaches to project delivery

  • Implementing robust Monitoring and Evaluation Frameworks to tracking project progress, measuring performance against objectives, and facilitating continuous improvement

  • Generating clear and concise Reports and Documentation to keep stakeholders informed, facilitate decision-making, and ensure transparency and accountability

  • Navigating Third Party Procurement processes smoothly, from vendor selection to contract negotiation and management, ensuring compliance and value for money

Communication, dissemination and impact
  • Expert consultancy to develop effective Communications and Stakeholder Engagement Strategies, crafting compelling narratives and campaigns to resonate with your target audience, enhance visibility, and drive growth

  • Preparation and facilitation of highly engaging branding and communications workshops during in-person and online consortium meetings

  • Support to develop partnerships with other EU funded initiatives and build EU stakeholder networks

  • Organisation of events, webinars, workshops, conferences and campaigns, handling logistics, agenda development, participant coordination, and post-event evaluation to ensure successful outcomes and knowledge dissemination

  • Create Impact Assessment Frameworks to define what success looks like and capture and communicate project KPIs to all key stakeholders.

Sustainability strategy and European scale up
  • Expert consultancy to develop and implement successful Sustainability Strategies for EU projects

  • Facilitating sustainability workshops and discussions with partners to develop partner recruitment strategies, define organisation structures and agree future funding models

  • Development of pan-European EU funding and investment strategies to support the initiative post-project

  • Proactive EU funding opportunity tracking and proposal development to secure new funding streams

  • Business Plan preparation and support for project commercialisation

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