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How to Find and Choose a Horizon 2020 Partner?

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Due to the high specialisation of each organisation, it is crucial to collaborate with other bodies to benefit from synergies and from  different expertise.  But how to find the right partner for the right project? This is a big challenge for every instituion involved in Horizon 2020 projects, might it be industries, research organisations, SMEs, or universities.

Most of the Horizon 2020 funded projects are collaborative projects with at least 3 organisations from different EU Member States or Associated countries. Various partner search services help you to find organisations that would like to participate in the proposals. You can also post your collaboration offers there.

Here are few tips on how to find a Horizon 2020 partner:

  • Use your own existing networks – best starting point
  • Speak to colleagues at conferences
  • Find out which institutions/consortia have previously been funded in your area (LINK)
  • Use European Technology Platforms
  • Use Social Media Such as LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Attend networking/brokerage events and information days
  • Join the EU’s expert evaluator database (LINK)

H2020 also aims to enhance EU international research cooperation so there are more opportunities for cooperation with and participation by researchers from non-EU countries.

“The right partner for the right project”

Enlisting the right partners is key. If you do not have much experience, do not underestimate the time dedicated to the partners search necessary in the formalisation of your application. So which criteria should you be looking at when making a final selection of partners :

  • Design the consortium in line with the project objectives
  • Credible and well-balanced consortium (complementarity)
  • Reputation and resources of partners
  • Partners fully motivated and committed to deliver
  • Geographical spread, expertise and type of organisation
  • Consideration of language barrier and cultural differences
  • Choose partners that you would like to work with for years
  • Develop mutual trust

It is not an understatement to say that the right partners ensure with their expertise and contribution to bring an idea to success.

For more information on Partner Search and Horizon 2020, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also visit our website or our LinkedIn page.

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