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Consolidate your
EU business case

Bespoke investment strategies

Europe’s strategic autonomy and industry re-shoring ambitions paint a clear picture of the scale of the investments needed in the upcoming decade. Coupled with the need for sustainability and digitalisation, this investment effort will need to be met with significant public and private funding.

When it comes to supporting you to finance your investments, we put your projects at the centre. Irrespective of the funding source, we help you maximise the level of support that can be received. When existing solutions do not fully meet the level of your investment ambitions, our State aid and funding background helps build bespoke solutions.

Whether you are looking to become the next European Industrial Champion in health, solar, cloud or other key economic sectors, or you need to explore the wealth of funding solutions that could support your business model, we will smooth the process, provide strategic advice and facilitate your investment decisions.

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How we can help

We have a multi-country footprint with expert network access, including niche expertise.

We provide national and EU funding mapping and assessment, as well as strategic advisory around investment plans.

We map and lay out the direct financing and investment opportunities available to support strategic projects (IPCEI / Innovation Fund) or multi-country investment plans.

We provide EU and global benchmarking and analysis on support programmes, as well as country-specific advice on State aid scenarios and implications.

We can provide input to national thematic strategies and funding programmes.

We offer a one-stop solution for requesting financing:

  • we map and identify all types of experts needed for submitting a project
  • we support your proposal development and submission
  • we advise decision makers as well as the local subsidiary – the project implementers
  • we provide capacity building as well as project implementation support.