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Business for tomorrow: Romania on the radar


European Structural and Investment Funds 2021-2027 

EU funding plays a major role in financing public investments in Romania, with almost 50% of all public spending coming from Cohesion funds (€30.8 billion under the current EU 2014-2020 budget).

This opens a large market for all companies selling to the public sector in Romania. At the same time, Romanian private companies, especially SMEs benefit directly from EU funding for their own investment needs, either to buy new machinery, make production processes more efficient, invest in innovation or train their employees.

What's on the plate? The latest news from Romania

The Romanian authorities led by the Ministry of EU Funds are now in the process of deciding on how to spend all these new funds. They are designing the future 2021-2027 Operational Programmes outlining the specific investment sectors, the eligibility conditions as well as the corresponding budgets for each sector.

There are already strong indications that digitalization, healthcare, urban development and transport infrastructures will remain key areas to receive future EU support. 

Consultations with all interested stakeholders, including the business sector are ongoing. 

What comes next?

The preparation of the 2021-2027 Operational Programmes will continue throughout 2019 and 2020. A first draft of the investment programmes is expected to be available in January 2020.

The final documents should be approved by the European Commission by end of 2020 and their actual implementation should start at the beginning of 2021. The timeline will be strongly influenced by the adoption of the EU budget and EU funding regulations by the European institutions.

Why should you engage in the ESIF 2021-2027 preparation process?

To gain early intelligence on the future EU funded business environment in Romania.
To plan your future business strategies in the country.
To position your organization to shape the new EU funding programmes in the country.

How we can help you?

Our experts in the Bucharest office are actively involved in the process and contribute to the debate for the drafting of the new 2021-2027 Operational Programmes.

At Schuman Associates, we have developed extensive experience in supporting clients to understand and influence the policy and funding framework driving previous EU cycles (2000-2006, 2007-2013, 2014-2020). Through this guidance, our clients were able to leverage downstream market opportunities in their countries of interest and win EU funded business.

Following the right strategy, you will be best placed to either use EU funding for your investment projects or to sell your solutions in public funded projects.

Moreover, our local presence will allow us to:
  • Guide you through national, local and regional public funding complementary to ESIF
  • Engage with international financing institutions working in Romania in close cooperation with European Commission
  • Access key stakeholders and local partners 

For more information, you can contact our Senior Manager in Romania Anca Calugaru

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