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H2020 Dashboard: Portugal

With almost 80 billion euro for the period 2014-2020, Horizon 2020 is the EU's biggest programme to fund Research and Innovation. In this edition of Schuman's H2020 Dashboard we see how Portugal has benefited from Horizon 2020.

The latest European Innovation Scoreboard ranks Portugal as moderate innovator. Data from the Scoreboard measuring the performance of the country innovation system show that in 2010 Portuguese score was 87 and 85 in 2017. The trend indicates that there is room for improvement.

In the ranking of top participants in Horizon 2020 Portugal hosts the 17th position. Here you have some numbers to illustrate the country participation level in the programme: 

  • Out of 1551 projects approved for this country, 425 are coordinated by Portuguese entities.
  • Portuguese success rate is 14%.

The top Portuguese beneficiary for H2020 programme is the "University Do Minho"" with 58 participations and 26.6 MEUR funding, followed by Joao Lobo Antunes Molecular Medicine Institute and the Nova de Lisboa University. It is important to highlight R&D Centres are the most active participants, with the 27% of the total participation, followed by the universities, with 23% share of the total Portuguese participation. If we take a look to the private sector involvement, some of the front-runners are: EDP, Altice Labs or Deimos.

When it comes to the regional dimension, Lisboa is by far the most active and successful region participating in the programme, followed by Norte and Centro.

ERC and Marie Curie are the most successful programmes in Portugal.

Upcoming H2020 opportunities for Portuguese organisations:

In 12 March 2019 applications for 13 energy efficiency topics were launched, with total EU funding amounting to €93 million. The themes of the project proposals under these topics include smart innovations for buildings, sustainable energy skills in the construction sector, energy performance, assessment and audits, project development assistance and innovative financing. Applicants need to submit their proposals by 3 September 2019 and the results will be known by February 2020.

How we can support you?

Schuman Associates can help you to turn your innovation idea into a success and benefit from H2020 through the entire process, from identifying the right opportunity to submitting and implementing your H2020 project.

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