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Driving a healthier
and more resilient Europe

Around the globe, health systems are faced with unprecedented challenges: demographic changes, financial shortages augmented by the current economic slowdown, availability of skilled staff, technology uptake and digital transformation - to name just a few.

Governments and healthcare providers are looking for new, cost-efficient business models and innovative digital systems for delivering care. At the same time, COVID-19 has amplified the need for better preparedness and reinforced resilience to respond to future cross-border health threats.

From EU healthcare policy to funding

Against this background, the EU and its Member States are designing new health and pharmaceutical policies aimed at fostering crisis preparedness, disease prevention and early detection, easier access to treatment (such as the EU and national Cancer Beating Plans, and the EU Non-Communicable Diseases Initiative), and digital healthcare transformation (European Health Data Space).

Within this policy labyrinth, we help our clients understand the key decision-making processes and the stakeholders behind them, anticipate trends and follow the route from policy to funding for their healthcare projects.

Healthcare Policy
In a time of economic uncertainty, there is more EU funding available than ever to invest in the healthcare sector.

Approximately €60 billion under different EU funding programmes will be spent on innovation, prevention, healthcare infrastructure and health digitalisation by 2027. 

Most of these funds will be available for the EU Members States to manage under the National Recovery and Resilience Plans and the new generation of 2021-2027 Cohesion Policy Programmes. The funds will play a vital role in improving access to health infrastructure and services and in reducing health inequalities in all 27 EU countries.

With deep public funding knowledge and healthcare industry expertise, we are uniquely well equipped to support policy makers, healthcare providers and industry suppliers in designing and implementing funding strategies to benefit from this unrivalled wave of EU funding. 

Our skilled advisors in Brussels, and in our local offices across the EU, can help you secure funding for your projects across the entire healthcare investment continuum: from medical research to health infrastructure and equipment, from education and prevention to digital health.

Science lab
Go to market

Obtaining public funding to build a new pharmaceutical factory, equip a hospital with state-of-the-art medical devices, or train doctors on the newest surgery technologies, requires a deep knowledge of the various funding instruments available, as well as practical experience and expertise in EU competition and State aid rules. With over three decades in the field, we have mastered these.

We are proud to work with large consortia of hospitals, governmental organisations and the healthcare industry to drive investment in innovation and bring medical solutions to the market, using EU funding under programmes such as Horizon Europe, EU4Health or Digital Europe.


IPCEIs: Important Projects of Common European Interest

Our in-house Strategic Investment experts bring hands-on experience and success around Important Projects of Common European Interest (IPCEIs), in sectors such as microelectronics, hydrogen and cloud, supporting our clients in obtaining funding for IPCEI Health projects.


Beyond the EU

We support our clients to map, access and implement their healthcare projects beyond the borders of the European Union, in regions including the Balkans and Africa.

We are committed to contributing with our best knowledge and expertise to the reconstruction of the Ukrainian healthcare system and improve the access and quality of care in the country for the long term.