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Europe has set ambitious targets for its Digital Decade aimed at enhancing the digital skills of professionals and the wider population, encouraging deployment of future-proof infrastructures, while transforming the economy and public services through digital means.

To keep pace with the rapid advancement of digital technologies across the globe, Europe needs to promote unprecedented investments in digitalisation across all sectors of the economy and society, and to ensure a sound policy and regulatory framework.

In this complex environment, we support public and private entities in understanding and shaping digital policy and regulatory initiatives, securing funding for their digital transformation and implementing sound business development programmes promoting state-of-art digital technologies.


We have developed unrivalled expertise in all matters related to policies and funding of digital connectivity. We have in-depth understanding of major European policy initiatives such as the Gigabit Infrastructure Act, and hands-on experience on funding and deployment of broadband connectivity infrastructures and the applicable State aid rules.

We support governments in setting up broadband investment support schemes and we advise private entities with their CAPEX investment plans. We work closely with the European Commission, managing EU-funded projects to support achieving the Digital Decade connectivity targets.

Since 2017, we have managed the Support Facility for the European Network of Broadband Competence Offices: an EU-funded project to support Member States and regions to accelerate broadband deployment to all citizens. We also take great pride in leading the EU’s new 5G for Smart Communities Support Platform, launched in December 2022, to support the development and adoption of innovative 5G use cases, particularly those funded under the Connecting Europe Facility programme.


Digital transformation impacts all sectors of society and the economy. The private sector is also under continuous pressure to improve its performance through the digitalisation of processes. The significant financial resources required for this transformation can be secured through a variety of EU programmes.

We support public entities and industry suppliers in designing and implementing funding strategies for their digital transformation and business development plans. We have extensive expertise of funding programmes across the entire investment continuum, from research to the piloting and deployment of digital technologies and infrastructures. Our experts in Brussels and across Europe provide assistance on programmes such as Horizon Europe, the Digital Europe Programme, the Connecting Europe Facility, the Recovery and Resilience Facility, and Cohesion Policy.

We have extensive expertise on financing for complex strategic projects under the Important Projects of Common European Interest (IPCEIs) framework, in sectors ranging from microelectronics to cloud computing.


Digital transformation is inherently linked to Europe’s green transition. While digitalisation is an essential tool for reducing the carbon footprint of industry as well as our society as a whole, digital technologies remain an important contributor to Europe’s energy consumption. To change this for the better, European digital industry needs to undergo significant transformation. Further efforts are needed for connectivity infrastructures, data centers and manufacturing to become more sustainable and energy efficient.

With a deep understanding of public funding mechanisms and State aid rules, we support our clients in identifying and accessing opportunities that match their investment needs, across the entire continuum: from research on innovative technologies, to piloting and deployment of environmentally friendly and energy-efficient solutions.


A Europe fit for the Digital Decade needs to ensure that professionals in the public and private sector, as well as the wider population, are equipped with the knowledge and tools to access opportunities and thrive in the digital world.   

We have extensive experience supporting as well as operating digital skills initiatives, such as the EU’s Digital Skills and Jobs Platform, Digital4Business, Skills4Retail, Digital4Security, and CloudCamp4SMEs.

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